From last few years we have achieved a reputed name in rendering IT solutions and services for start-ups, SMEs and big businesses. Being one of the favourite among consumers inspired us to hire Amazon Web Services. AWS is well known for its excellent services and employing this system has added extra layer efficiency on our services. By now we have hosted hundreds of projects on Amazon web services and gained huge customer satisfaction. Our major projects are hosted on AWS and have shown greater results. Amazon Web Services deliver high performances with effective results at shorter time. It is cost effective and offers a lot more than other hosting services. To enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Web Services, you need an experienced team which we are offering.

How does Amazon Web Service (AWS) work?

AWS is a greater platform provided by Amazon where numerous services has been accumulated. Their cloud server called EC2 holds all the services and hosting data over EC2 opens all the services to you. Along with satisfying user experience, it also gives you the benefit of using other numerous services present on this platform. Using those services and deciding their using magnitude totally depends on your budget and business requirement.

AWS is best for the start-ups that expects huge users with moderate traffic for the starting months. Such kind of traffic can be handled only by few data bases but we always suggest AWS on such occasions. AWS can hold one database actively while placing others on standby. Those inactive databases or instances cost a lighter bill as they are only used during higher traffic. For start-ups, they generally brace higher traffic and users which need them to change architecture eventually.

Now talking about e-commerce sites where traffic is very much fluctuating and can go up to 10K or something. These sites need auto-scaling which let them automatically switch to additional instances during higher traffic. Auto-scaling also switch back off when traffic rates goes down. These features are easily available on AWS platform and we provide all these features with our AWS services.

Why Choose Amazon Web Services?

  • Allow running anything from large number of operating systems to smaller ones
  • AWS offers DevOps automation and continuous integration
  • Different types of instances that fits all type of business needs
  • It comes in Pay-as-you-go model which makes it cost-effective.
  • Offers Auto Scaling which amazingly handle unexpected traffic peaks
  • Offers easy troubleshooting and faster resolution
  • Offers free trial instances for small scale data
  • The most reasonable cloud platform to host websites and app data

Why Choose Us for Rendering Amazon Web Services?

At InSource IT LLC, we have deployed many projects on AWS till now and have delivered amazing customer service experience. Our team of experts are experienced enough to guide and serve you best solution for AWS hosting. Over the years we have created a reliable name in the industry and you can rely on our experts for an effective solution regarding cost-effective and user-friendly AWS solution.

Requirement Analysis

Each software development life cycle model starts with the analysis, in which the stakeholders of the process discuss the requirements for the final product. The goal of this stage is the detailed definition of the system requirements. Besides, it is needed to make sure that all the process participants have clearly understood the tasks and how every requirement is going to be implemented. Often, the discussion involves the QA specialists who can interfere the process with additions even during the development stage if it is necessary.


INSOURCE IT LLC give you the Code which reads as close to a human language as possible. I mean it on all the levels: from syntax used, naming convention and alignment all the way to algorithms used, quality of comments and complexity of distribution of code between modules.We focus on our customer uses, so that they will not be worry about our development functionality, INSOURCE IT LLC develops very user friendly interactions for his valuable customers


This stage is usually a subset of all the stages as in the modern SDLC models, the testing activities are mostly involved in all the stages of SDLC. However, this stage refers to the testing only stage of the product where product defects are reported, tracked, fixed and retested, until the product reaches the quality standards defined in the SRS.

Project Deliver

Once the product is tested and ready to be deployed it is released formally in the appropriate market. Sometimes product deployment happens in stages as per the business strategy of that organization. The product may first be released in a limited segment and tested in the real business environment (UAT- User acceptance testing).


the feedback, the product may be released as it is or with suggested enhancements in the targeting market segment. After the product is released in the market, its maintenance is done for the existing customer base.